Officer Roles and Responsibilities


  • Leading on the wider agenda of the Guild
  • Smooth running of the Management and General committees
  • Representing the Guild in the church and wider community
  • Chairing meetings

General Secretary

  • Organising and documenting general and committee meetings
  • Taking and distribution of minutes
  • Dealing with general correspondence
  • Preparation of the Annual Report
  • Acting as liaison between Management, General and District committees


  • Maintaining all of the Financial Records of the Guild
  • Advise the general and management committees during budget setting
  • Managing claims under the Gift Aid schemes
  • Preparing annual accounts for examination and publication

Ringing Master

  • Running ringing at Guild events or arranging for a stand-in to do so
  • Serving on the Education Committee

Membership Secretary

  • Maintaining a membership list for the Guild and a directory of nominated correspondents for each tower. The membership list would hold names of all members (vice-presidents, honorary life members, resident members and non-resident life members) and where agreed their contact details.
  • Collecting subscriptions of resident ringing members (this may be direct from individuals or towers or via district elected/appointed officers)
  • Data protection
  • Liaising with the Communications and Public Relations Officer to ensure up to date communication lists are available
  • Providing membership information for inclusion in the Annual Report

Education Officer

  • Chairing the Education Committee
  • Liaising between the Education Committee and the Management and General committees
  • Liaising with the communications and public relations officer to advertise events

Fundraising Officer

  • Co-ordinating fundraising initiatives with support from others
  • Fundraising includes, but not limited to, resourcing the Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild Bell Fund.

Communications and Public Relations Officer

  • Publicising Guild events to members
  • Distribute information on matters of interest to members
  • Liaising with the Ringing World and Central Council to further the aims and profile of The Guild
  • Liaising with third-parties where required (e.g. media / church) to publicise and promote ringing or using ringing to promote other events (e.g. Heritage Days / BBC Music Day / notable anniversaries etc.)


  • Running of the Guild Library and publicising its contents and use


  • Managing the Guild’s website, including the content

Safeguarding Officer

  • All aspects of Safeguarding as required by the Guild’s policy
  • Recommending updates to the Guild’s policy on safeguarding as necessary

Peal Secretary

  • Maintaining the Guild’s peal records
  • Collection of peal fees and non-resident life member subscriptions
  • Preparation of an annual report

Bell Advice Coordinator

  • Working with appointed Bell Advisers1 and others to advise towers on matters concerning bells and fittings (N.B., this is distinct from the fundraising side)
  • Liaising with the Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild Bell Fund’s Secretary to ensure both Guild and Bell Fund are aware of ongoing, proposed and likely work
  • Liaising with the Communications Officer to help towers to access available information on maintenance, for example that on the CCCBR and other websites
  • Liaising with district officers to ensure awareness of needs and action across the Guild

1 A team of Bell Advisors – covering every District across the Guild – who have the necessary skills and experience to give advice and assist with work, will be appointed by the General Committee. This will ensure that insurance can be provided as well as maintaining the excellent reputation of the Guild in maintaining bells.

You can download a copy of this information here.