Bell Fund 100 Club

Latest Draw

The latest 100 Club draw took place on  Saturday 27th April at the Guild AGM, St Mary’s Church, Radcliffe on Trent. The 4 winners were:

First prize of £50.00 to number 35 from Bingham District
Second prize of £25.00 to number 26 from Nottingham District 
Third prize of £12.50 to number 78 from South Notts District
Fourth prize of £12.50 to number 53 from North Notts District

Next Draws

The schedule for draws is as follows:



  1. The Club shall be known as the ‘Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers 100 Club’ and be licensed under the Gambling Act (2005), to be administered by the “100 Club Promoter”, a person appointed by the Management Committee of the Guild. All profits shall be donated to the Bell Fund, registered charity 259703.

  2. The membership of the 100 Club shall be on a 12-month rolling basis. Members may join at any time during the year and will continue to benefit until their membership ceases.  Membership is restricted to persons aged 16 or over.

  3. Each member of the 100 Club shall receive a unique number which will be kept for at least a year. Up to two weeks prior the anniversary of the date of membership, a member may request that a replacement number be allocated to them which, if available, will take effect from the anniversary date.  No more than 100 numbers shall be allocated. A member may hold more than one number.

  4. The annual subscription shall be £10, payable at least two weeks prior to a draw. For current members paying annually by standing order where the standing order date is inside a two-week period, the two-week condition is deemed to be satisfied.

  5. For accounting purposes the year-end of the 100 Club shall be 31 December.

  6. There shall be four draws each year, one at the Annual meeting of the Guild, and the other three in January, July and November at a District or Guild event. Dates and locations for each draw will be advertised on the Guild website.

  7. In the event of the 100 Club being wound up, repayment will be made for each unexpired month of membership, unless the 100 Club Promoter is instructed by the member to treat this money differently.

  8. If the 100 Club is fully subscribed, the prizes for each draw shall be: 1st prize: £50; 2nd prize: £25; and 3rd and 4th prizes £12.50.  If there are fewer than 90 allocated numbers, prizes shall be reduced proportionately.