Work Recently Completed

Hawton (8)

The new frame, for 10, is installed, along with new ringing room floor and access. Ten bells are now ringable.

Clifton (6)

The bells, frame and fittings removed from St Francis, Clifton (now demolished) have been installed at Corpus Christi. They are now rung regularly again.

Hockerton (3)

This church has now been sold. A team of Guild insured labour removed the three bells for possible re-use within the diocese. They are currently being stored at Taylors. Sadly one of them was found to be cracked due to rusting of a cast in staple.

Kelham (3, now 6)

The existing frame has been strengthened and another bell added to an existing (empty) pit. A grant has been paid towards the cost of this project, which was considerably reduced by the provision of Guild insured labour. With six bells now available the ringing will be enhanced from the earlier four.Credit must be given to tower captain Martin Cooper for his commitment and effort in making this project achievable .

Tuxford (8)

An inspection was carried out by the Guild to see if any of the clappers needed re-bushing. It turned out that some of the clappers were loose. Once these had been tightened and a few missing bolts replaced the ring was declared to be in good condition.

Redundant Churches

Concern has been expressed to the Diocese about the bells in Darlton (3), Durham on Trent (6), and  Gamston (6).