Tower List

TowerDistrictNumber of BellsweightLocationPractise Day
Arnold (St Mary)Nottingham88-2-9NG5 8HGThursday
Aspley (St Margaret)Nottingham89-1-15NG8 5JBMonday
Attenborough (St Mary the Virgin)Nottingham811-0-21NG9 6ASFriday
Averham (St Michael and All Angels)Newark612-1-1NG23 5RBWednesday
Babworth (All Saints)North Notts67-1-4DN22 8EP
Balderton (St Giles)Newark88-0-26NG24 3NPMonday
Barnby in the Willows (All Saints)Newark66-1-7NG24 2SBTuesday
Barton in Fabis (St George)South Notts611-0-21NG11 0AA
Basford (St Leodegarius)Nottingham814-3-0NG6 0GZThursday
Bawtry (St Nicholas)North Notts614-0-14DN10 6HYTuesday
Beckingham (All Saints)North Notts39-2-0DN10 4PPMonday
Beeston (St John the Baptist)Nottingham1017-1-14NG9 2JJWednesday
Bingham (St Mary and All Saints)Bingham814-3-27NG13 8DSFriday
Blidworth (St Mary of the Purification)Mansfield64-0-26NG21 0QXThursday
Blyth (Ss Mary and Martin)North Notts612-3-19S81 8HL
Bole (St Martin)North Notts35-2-0DN22 9EW
Bramcote (St Michael and All Angels)Nottingham65-1-14NG9 3HDFriday
Bulwell (St Mary Virgin and All Souls)Nottingham815-3-16NG6 9AEWednesday
Bunny (St Mary the Virgin)South Notts614-1-22NG11 6QW
Calverton (St Wilfrid)Bingham68-1-4NG14 6FQMonday
Car Colston (St Mary)Bingham68-0-0NG13 8JGWednesday
Carlton in Lindrick (St John the Evangelist)North Notts39-2-0S81 9EG
Caunton (St Andrew)Newark67-3-9NG23 6ABThursday
Clarborough (St John the Baptist)North Notts89-1-16DN22 9NAThursday
Clayworth (St Peter)North Notts88-1-15DN22 9ABTuesday
Clifton (Corpus Christi)South Notts62-2-11NG11 9FFThursday
Clifton (Holy Trinity with St Francis)South Notts83-1-18NG11 9DGThursday
Clifton (St Mary the Virgin)South Notts88-0-8NG11 8NHThursday
Coddington (All Saints)Newark67-0-12NG24 2PNFriday
Colston Bassett (St John the Divine)Bingham822-1-4NG12 3FE
Cotgrave (All Saints)Bingham817-0-18NG12 3HTFriday
Cromwell (St Giles)Newark37-0-0NG23 6JD
Cropwell Bishop (St Giles)Bingham610-3-24NG12 3BXThursday
Cuckney (St Mary)Mansfield610-1-18NG20 9JP
Darlton (St Giles)North Notts35-2-0NG22 0TF
Daybrook (St Paul)Nottingham89-2-3NG5 6HWFriday
Eakring (St Andrew)Newark57-0-26NG22 0DBMonday
East Bridgford (St Peter)Bingham811-2-1NG13 8PEMonday
East Drayton (St Peter)North Notts612-2-22DN22 0LFTuesday
East Leake (St Mary)South Notts67-3-6LE12 6LEFriday
East Markham (St John the Baptist)North Notts89-3-17NG22 0SATuesday
East Retford (St Swithun)North Notts1023-0-7DN22 6PLThursday
East Stoke (St Oswald)Newark49-2-14NG23 5QF
Eastwood (St Mary)Mansfield819-0-21NG16 3BSFriday
Edwalton (Holy Rood)South Notts65-1-1NG12 4BN
Edwinstowe (St Mary)Mansfield66-1-12NG21 9QAFriday
Egmanton (Our Lady of Egmanton)North Notts38-0-5NG22 0EZ
Elkesley (St Giles)North Notts36-0-0DN22 8AN
Elston (All Saints)Newark69-0-20NG23 5NP
Everton (Holy Trinity)North Notts610-1-21DN10 5BD
Farndon (St Peter)Newark69-0-18NG24 3SJWednesday
Farnsfield (St Michael)Mansfield611-0-0NG22 8ETFriday
Gamston (St Peter)North Notts68-1-18DN22 0QB
Gedling (All Hallows)Bingham810-1-11NG4 4BEWednesday
Gonalston (St Laurence)Bingham43-3-18NG14 7JA
Gotham (St Lawrence)South Notts57-0-5NG11 0HXTuesday
Granby (All Saints)Bingham613-1-22NG13 9PXThursday
Greasley (St Mary)Mansfield813-1-7NG16 2ABWednesday
Gringley on the Hill (Ss Peter and Paul)North Notts614-3-20DN10 4QPThursday
Grove (St Helen)North Notts45-0-0DN22 0RJ
Harby (All Saints)Newark66-2-18NG23 7EDMonday
Harworth (All Saints)North Notts69-2-10DN11 8PDMonday
Hawksworth (St Mary and All Saints)Bingham310-2-0NG13 9DE
Hawton (All Saints)Newark1014-0-2NG24 3RN
Hickling (St Luke)Bingham810-1-22LE14 3AWThursday
Holme Pierrepont (St Edmund King and Martyr)Bingham611-1-14NG12 2LD
Hucknall Torkard (St Mary Magdalene)Mansfield812-2-16NG15 7FSThursday
Kelham (St Wilfrid)Newark67-2-0NG23 5QX
Keyworth (St Mary Magdalene)South Notts66-2-23NG12 5AZTemporarily suspended while structural examinations are taking place. (Monday)
Kingston on Soar (St Winifred)South Notts69-3-24SK501277
Kinoulton (St Luke)Bingham61-2-10NG12 3EW
Kirkby in Ashfield (St Wilfrid)Mansfield88-3-3NG17 8PZTuesday
Kirklington (St Swithin)Newark35-2-0NG22 8NA
Kneesall (St Bartholomew)Newark310-1-2NG22 0AE
Kneeton (St Helen)Bingham46-0-1NG13 8JS
Laneham (St Peter)North Notts410-3-4DN22 0NJ
Langar (St Andrew)Bingham512-3-1NG13 9HG
Laxton (St Michael)North Notts612-2-10NG22 0BF
Lenton (Sacred and Undivided Trinity)Nottingham88-0-2NG7 2FFMonday
Linby (St Michael)Mansfield65-3-16NG15 8ABWednesday
Lowdham (St Mary the Virgin)Bingham69-0-14NG14 7BQThursday
Mansfield (Ss Peter and Paul)Mansfield816-0-11NG18 1ANTuesday
Mansfield Woodhouse (St Edmund King and Martyr)Mansfield617-2-20NG19 8BLMonday
Maplebeck (St Radegund)Newark44-1-7NG22 0BS
Mattersey (All Saints)North Notts56-2-14DN10 5DXTuesday
Misson (St John the Baptist)North Notts612-0-22DN10 6EGThursday
Misterton (All Saints)North Notts311-3-17DN10 4BJ
Newark upon Trent (St Mary Magdalene)Newark1031-1-11NG24 1EAWednesday
Normanton on Soar (St James)South Notts48-1-3LE12 5HF
Normanton on Trent (St Matthew)North Notts36-0-0NG23 6RN
North Clifton (St George)North Notts37-2-0NG23 7AP
North Collingham (All Saints)Newark69-3-4NG23 7NFWednesday
North Leverton (St Martin)North Notts36-0-0DN22 0AE
North Muskham (St Wilfrid)Newark612-3-13NG23 6HF
North Wheatley (Ss Peter and Paul)North Notts68-0-18DN22 9DG
Norwell (St Laurence)Newark69-2-5NG23 6JTThursday
Nottingham (All Saints)Nottingham1016-1-3NG7 4DLTuesday
Nottingham (St Mary the Virgin)Nottingham1235-2-23NG1 1PZMonday
Nottingham (St Peter)Nottingham1322-2-5NG1 7DAThursday
Nuthall (St Patrick)Nottingham87-0-8NG16 1DTTuesday
Ordsall (All Hallows)North Notts66-2-22DN22 7TPMonday
Orston (St Mary)Bingham69-1-18NG13 9NT
Ossington (Holy Rood)Newark66-0-17NG23 6LH
Oxton (Ss Peter and Paul)Bingham66-3-16NG25 0SLMonday
Papplewick (St James)Mansfield56-1-12NG15 8FEWednesday
Plumtree (St Mary)Bingham816-3-12NG12 5EZMonday
Radcliffe on Trent (St Mary)Bingham814-2-5NG12 2EZTuesday
Rampton (All Saints)North Notts69-1-8DN22 0HT
Rempstone (All Saints)South Notts66-1-26LE12 6RR
Rolleston (Holy Trinity)Newark613-3-24NG23 5SEWednesday
Ruddington (St Peter)South Notts89-1-24NG11 6ELThursday
Saundby (St Martin of Tours)North Notts55-1-25DN22 9ES
Scarrington (St John of Beverley)Bingham68-0-24NG13 9BT
Scofton (St John the Evangelist)North Notts83-2-25S81 0UE
Screveton (St Wilfrid)Bingham310-0-0NG13 8JL
Scrooby (St Wilfrid)North Notts34-2-0DN10 6AW
Selston (St Helen)Mansfield812-2-0NG16 6EWTuesday
Shelford (Ss Peter and Paul)Bingham615-0-10NG12 1EF
Shireoaks (St Luke)North Notts68-0-6S81 8LR
Sibthorpe (St Peter)Newark49-0-19NG23 5PN
Skegby (St Andrew)Mansfield34-2-24NG17 3DD
South Collingham (St John the Baptist)Newark56-3-10NG23 7LN
South Leverton (All Saints)North Notts310-2-0DN22 0FD
South Muskham (St Wilfrid)Newark39-3-21NG23 6EQ
South Scarle (St Helena)Newark59-2-8NG23 7JHThursday
Southwell (Cathedral and Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary)Newark1325-1-3NG25 0HDTuesday
Stanford on Soar (St John the Baptist)South Notts815-3-18LE12 5PY
Stapleford (St Helen)Nottingham67-1-7NG9 8GBMonday
Staunton in the Vale (St Mary)Newark57-0-1NG13 9PE
Sturton le Steeple (Ss Peter and Paul)North Notts610-3-6DN22 9HQ
Sutton Bonington (St Michael)South Notts617-3-13LE12 5PB
Sutton cum Lound (St Bartholomew)North Notts89-2-14DN22 8PLWednesday
Sutton in Ashfield (St Mary Magdalene)Mansfield815-1-18NG17 2DG
Sutton on Trent (All Saints)Newark812-1-11NG23 6PEWednesday
Teversal (St Katherine)Mansfield59-0-0NG17 3LHTuesday
Thoroton (St Helena)Bingham69-2-17NG13 9DSThursday
Thrumpton (All Saints)South Notts66-1-5NG11 0AXWednesday
Thurgarton (St Peter)Bingham67-2-9NG14 7GX
Tollerton (St Peter)South Notts35-1-23NG12 4GF
Treswell (St John the Baptist)North Notts37-2-0DN22 0EQ
Trowell (St Helen)Nottingham69-1-0NG9 3QW
Tuxford (St Nicholas)North Notts811-2-15NG22 0LJ
Upper Broughton (St Luke)South Notts56-1-23LE14 3BD
Upton (Ss Peter and Paul)Newark67-3-12NG23 5SRWednesday
Walesby (St Edmund)North Notts35-2-6NG22 9NY
Walkeringham (St Mary Magdalene)North Notts312-2-2DN10 4HT
Warsop (Ss Peter and Paul)Mansfield814-2-24NG20 0SLMonday
Wellow (St Swithin)Newark66-2-5NG22 0EWThursday
West Bridgford (St Giles)Nottingham89-1-16NG2 6AZWednesday
West Retford (St Michael Archangel)North Notts69-0-6DN22 7UX
Weston (All Saints)North Notts310-0-9NG23 6ST
Whatton in the Vale (St John of Beverley)Bingham813-0-24NG13 9EL
Wilford (St Wilfrid)South Notts57-0-18NG11 7FA
Willoughby on the Wolds (St Mary and All Saints)Bingham66-0-1LE12 6SSWednesday
Winthorpe (All Saints)Newark66-3-2NG24 2NTFriday
Wollaton (St Leonard)Nottingham65-2-6NG8 2AFThursday
Woodborough (St Swithun)Bingham69-0-2NG14 6DXMonday
Worksop (Priory Church of Ss Mary and Cuthbert)North Notts812-2-15S80 2JE
Worksop (St Anne)North Notts1015-1-8S80 1NJ
TowerDistrictNumber of BellsweightLocationPractise Day